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After that, the system accepts entropy values having a one-to-one relationship based on Boltzmann’s precept of the extent of interference of the system itself . The Shannon-refined Boltzmann’s principle specifically uses an entropy model related to data theory. In this study, landform and landslide susceptibility maps have been created utilizing the On-Screen Image Interpretation method and the index of entropy mannequin as advised by . A long time in the past, Hinduism and Buddhism dominated the island till Islam progressively supplanted Hinduism in the 14th and 15th century.


In addition, the time period moorland refers to upland shrubland biomes with acidic soils, whereas heathlands are lowland shrublands with acidic soils. Relief refers again to the distinction in elevation within a panorama; for example, flat terrain would have “low relief”, while terrain with a big elevation distinction between the best and lowest factors can be deemed “excessive aid”. The change in elevation between two points of the terrain known as a slope or gradient. A topographic map is a form of terrain cartography which depicts terrain in terms of its elevation, slope, and the orientation of its landforms. It has distinguished contour traces, which connect factors of comparable elevation, while perpendicular slope strains point in the direction of the steepest slope.

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AGI and the NFA can collaborate as a liaison between stakeholders to formulate options for bringing about enhancements in the national sugar industry, ranging from the formulation of reference prices to on-farm and off-farm improvements. Currently, the acquisition value of white crystal sugar on the farmers’ level is Rp11,500 per kilogram. The dedication is based on a joint choice between NFA and the Ministry of Trade by way of Circular Number 6 of 2022. The reference worth for selling packaged sugar is Rp13,500 per kilogram, whereas the selling worth of packaged sugar is Rp13,500 per kilogram. The reference worth for packaged sugar gross sales in Eastern Indonesia is Rp14,500 per kilogram.