Did Jason and Mary just spill Selling Sunset’s season 7 release date?

jason and mary spill selling sunset season 7 date

Mary hints at Selling Sunset season 7 release dateNetflix

While Selling Sunset season 6 is just kicking off on Netflix, the streaming service has already confirmed The Oppenheim Group will be back for season seven. Yep, expect more drama, more chaos and even more luxury houses.

Here’s everything we know about Selling Sunset season 7, from recent news, potential cast members and what could go down.

When was Selling Sunset season 7 confirmed?

Netflix renewed Selling Sunset for both a sixth and seventh series in June 2022, with Chrishell then taking to Instagram to reveal filming had started that summer.

She wrote at the time, “CONGRATS to this fun lovable crazy group! #SellingSunset has been officially renewed for seasons 6&7! Filming on season 6 begins this summer! Love our dysfunctional family! And THANK YOU everyone for watching and for all the love- and even to those who hate watching us, because that’s half the fun of the show anyway honestly-ha! 😜😅Thank you! 😉🙏🏼♥️😘 “

Who will star in Selling Sunset season 7?

While nothing has been confirmed, we can assume the core cast will return for Selling Sunset season 7 –

  • Jason Oppenheim

  • Brett Oppenheim

  • Mary Fitzgerald

  • Chrisshell Stause

  • Amanza Smith

  • Emma Hernan

  • Chelsea Lazkani

  • Heather Rae-Young

  • Davina Potratz

selling sunset season 7 news, cast, drama and more


Two new faces joined the agency last season – Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi – while there have also been several departures from The Oppenheim Group over the years, including Christine Quinn, Vanessa Villela and Maya Vander, who didn’t appear in season six.

Does Selling Sunset season 7 have a release date?

Currently, we don’t know when Selling Sunset season 7 might drop on the streaming platform, but we can make a calculated guess based on previous seasons.

Previously, the release dates have been:

  • Season 1 – March 2019

  • Season 2 – May 2020

  • Season 3 – August 2020

  • Season 4 – November 2021

  • Season 5 – April 2022

  • Season 6 – May 2023

selling sunset season 7 news, cast, drama and more


Judging by the fact seasons 2 and 3, and seasons 4 and 5 were confirmed together, much like seasons 6 and 7, does that mean season 7 should be released in the next six months? Here’s to hoping for a mid- to late-2023 release date!

And it appears our estimations may have been correct as Jason and Mary may have accidentally let slip the release date for season seven.

In a recent Instagram live, which a fan recorded and shared on TikTok, Mary and Jason were asked when the next season is coming.

Jason begins saying: “We don’t know when season seven is going to come out.” Before Mary interjects and says: “Probably fall, maybe, I don’t know.”

Er, Mary did you just reveal the release date? Jason then added he would like to think season seven would come sometime later this year but he couldn’t confirm.

This hasn’t been confirmed by Neflix but if the series is coming in fall, then it could just be a few months until Jason, Chrishell and co are back in our lives. So exciting!

What might happen in Selling Sunset season 7?

Speaking to Cosmopolitan UK about season seven, new estate agent Bre Tiesi teased, “[it’s] a lot more fun for me. You get to see a lot more of my personality and my bond with the girls. It’s very different to six. I had a lot more fun and I just loved my relationship with the girls. And of course the real estate and the fashion are always top tier. So I think that’ll be really cool to watch.

“Heather’s in it. She doesn’t do the entire season with us unfortunately. But she does do a couple episodes from what I know.”

Heather previously questioned whether she was in season seven, after welcoming her first child and heading on maternity leave. “Season 7 is filming right now, but I’ve been off [on] maternity leave and I’ve been excited to get back to work, and so far I haven’t been called back,” she said on This Morning. “It’s been a little frustrating. So [I’m] not sure what’s been going on,” Heather added.

Selling Sunset seasons 1 – 6 are available to stream on Netflix.

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